Breach Of Contract

A breach of contract can wreak havoc on the plans, finances and psychological well being of the wronged party. When one party fails to meet their contracted obligation(s), an individual or business may be affected financially and in other ways. When most individuals or groups enter into a contract they expect to honor the terms of that contract. They also expect that the other person (or organization) will do the same. When a breach of contract occurs, the party who has experienced the breach has several legal options at their disposal. Our Los Angeles law firm can help you exercise the most appropriate legal remedy.

If you believe that you or your California-based company has been the victim of a breach of contract, contact our office today. We will schedule a consultation to determine whether or not your company has the legal standing to receive any of the remedies listed below. If our attorney determines that it does, we will work tirelessly and expertly to bring your case to a satisfactory conclusion.

Achieving Remedies When A Contract Has Been Breached

There are a number of different remedies that may be in order if you have been harmed by one party’s breach of contract, including:

Specific performance: If your desire is to have the party who breached the contract make good on the contract, for example complete a contracted service or sale, you may want to sue for damages provided under specific performance. We can help.

Compensatory damages: Suing for compensatory damages may be appropriate when you, the injured party, have suffered financial losses due to the breach of contract.

Punitive damages: Punitive damages are designed to punish the wrong party in a breach of contract case. The amount of money awarded is not equal to the amount lost as a direct result of the contract breach.

Liquidated damages: The party that breaches the contract may be forced to pay liquidated damages. Damages of this type are included within the wording of the contract. They are put there to discourage either party from breaking the agreement.

Consequential damages: Consequential damages may be awarded to a party under breach of contract law if they have suffered damages due to an indirect break of the contract agreed upon and signed by the two parties.

Business Fraud

Business fraud can occur in many ways. In every case, however, it involves an attempt by one party to gain an unfair advantage over another. Theft, deception and misrepresentation of or failure to disclose material facts can all constitute business fraud that may entitle the wronged party to pursue damages. The law firm of Timothy D. McGonigle, PC, provides skillful representation to clients on both sides of business fraud disputes. Mr. McGonigle is a respected California litigator who has secured favorable outcomes for clients who have been harmed because of fraudulent activity as well as those accused of it.

A Track Record Of Success In A Wide Range Of Business Fraud Cases

Attorney McGonigle is widely regarded as one of the most effective litigators in California. He has the resources to properly investigate fraud allegations and the experience to build a compelling case in support of his client’s position. Mr. McGonigle’s strong track record of success clearly demonstrates his capability in these matters. The firm accepts a wide array of business fraud cases, including those involving:

  • Deliberate or negligent misrepresentation
  • Failure to disclose, particularly in the context of a business transaction
  • Breach of contract
  • False advertising
  • Misappropriation of trade secrets

Unfair Competition

California’s Unfair Competition Law (UCL) is defined under the Business and Professions Code, Section 17200. It prohibits businesses from engaging in any type of illegal or unfair business practice and false advertising. The UCL is intended to protect consumers and competing businesses against financial loss or other types of harm at the hands of unscrupulous business owners. Under the law, businesses that violate the UCL can face substantial penalties for each unlawful act they commit. In addition, businesses and consumers who suffer losses as a result of these violations are entitled to seek restitution and possible civil damages. These are extremely complex legal matters, and it is essential that you have a qualified lawyer representing you from the outset.

An Experienced Plaintiff’s Litigation Firm

The law firm of Timothy D. McGonigle, PC, is regarded as one of the leading plaintiff’s litigation firms in the state. Mr. McGonigle has a great deal of experience representing businesses and individuals who have suffered a substantial loss due to unfair or illegal business practices. In addition to seeking appropriate damages for his clients, Mr. McGonigle takes the necessary steps to put an end to the illegal activity. The firm represents clients in all types of UCL violation claims, including:

  • Tortious interference
  • False advertising
  • Theft of trade secrets
  • Fraudulent acts
  • Acts against senior citizens or disabled people

Real Estate Easement Disputes

The law firm of Timothy D. McGonigle, PC, represents businesses and individuals in a broad range of complex real estate litigation matters in the Greater Los Angeles area and throughout California. Attorney McGonigle’s expansive experience and thorough knowledge of the law allow him to develop innovative strategies in pursuit of exceptional results for his clients. Real estate disputes have the potential to result in extremely lengthy and costly legal proceedings. Mr. McGonigle is tireless in his efforts to obtain a swift resolution in these matters, but he will not do so at the expense of his client’s interests. He is a highly respected litigator who prepares every case as if it were going to trial. If a fair resolution cannot be negotiated, he will not hesitate to take the matter to court.

Experienced Representation In A Wide Range Of Real Estate Litigation Matters

Attorney McGonigle’s experience representing parties on all sides of real estate disputes allows him to provide much more insightful representation in every case he accepts. His understanding of the concerns and goals of opposing parties makes it possible for him to build his client’s case specifically to address anticipated challenges from the other side. The firm represents clients in a wide array of real estate litigation matters, including:

  • Partition actions on behalf of co-owners or business partners
  • Quiet title disputes
  • Boundary disputes
  • Easements
  • Defect claims
  • Fraud claims
  • Failure to disclose material facts arising out of the sale of a property
  • Personal injuries arising out of a defective condition at the property

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